The ultimate solution to get more clients and income for coaches, trainers, consultants, therapists and all entrepreneurs who use their expertise to help others


An unprecendented challenge

follow my step-by-step blueprint and build your million-dollar business

Are you ready to follow my steps, implement them and make your FIRST MILLION?

Note! This is a TIME BOUND opportunity and available places are limited.

A THRILLING challenge for me 

A breakthrough learning model for you

ZEROTOMILLION is a 12 month online program, where you will witness my journey of building a new company from scratch… with a new product, to a new target audience. You will see me creating a new mailing list, a new website and much more. I will hold nothing back! All of that will be carried out on a limited starting budget of only $100 a month and working only 2 days a week.

This ZEROTOMILLION challenge also requires me to build and run the business from anywhere in the world with only my iPad and an internet connection. I will work with no office, phone or staff.

The goal is one: to generate at least $1,000,000 in revenue in 12 months.

What I want is to enable you to act and model what I do, so you can achieve spectacular improvements for your own business – just by following my hands-on example EVERY step of the way!


Get ready... the challenge begins in...








My reputation is at stake here as I’m willing to put it all on the line for my new program ZerotoMillion. It’s the first time a business expert has dared to take people behind the scene and commit to one focused goal.

– Nisandeh Neta –


Is zerotoMillion for you?

Yes, because you are an EXPERT…

And you are struggling with…

Or worse… you are stuck and clueless!

Don’t worry!

If you don’t know how to successfully start a company or..

If you don’t know what your next step should be…

Then ZEROTOMILLION is perfect for you!

Now the question is, are YOU the perfect entrepreneur for it?

I wish I had someone I trust and respect to show me the way from the very start. Sometimes, it’s the smallest tips that makes the biggest difference.

– Nisandeh Neta –

Here is what you get…

  • As a ZEROTOMILLION member you will get to watch exclusively my journey of building a new business from scratch. You will watch every step I take, as I go through brainstorming, strategy & goal setting, implementing and testing…
  • You’ll get a weekly 1-hour video report where I will show and explain exactly what I did in the last week. Watch me define and implement each essential step of the way towards the Million.
  • I will show you how I establish a clear vision, create a value proposition, define a niche market and generate leads, how I make a website, how I create a crowdfunding campaign and so much more, including irresistible offers, referral systems, promotions, joint ventures, engagements etc…
  • I will show you how I run market research and explain all the different tools that I use to support the growth of this company with minimum budget.
  • I will hold nothing back! You will witness it all, what worked and what didn’t. I will show you which resouces and expenses (such as time, effort and money) you can save yourself and what next key actions are crucial.
  • You will walk with me from the very beginning of this process and you can implement the actions that will provide you with the results you wish and plan for.

ARE you fit for the challenge?

Note! This is a TIME BOUND opportunity and available places are limited.


The future belongs to small businesses and I can’t stand watching small entrepreneurs settle for mediocrity, because of their struggles. Anyone with knowledge and passion should be able to fulfill their own potential.

– Nisandeh Neta –

NOTE!!! ZEROTOMILLION is not for you if…

… you say you want to build a successful business around your expertise, but you’re not willing to put in all the necessary work to make it happen.

ZEROTOMILLION is also not for anyone who is all talk and no action or is looking for a ‘push button’ method. The strategies and systems that you will learn are very practical and effective, but they are not a magic spell. You will not only see results by taking action.

This program is only for those who will take their ZEROTOMILLION challenge seriously. Entrepreneurs who don’t intend to take on this challenge seriously or are just curious about how it will play out – I would rather you not join our program.

ZEROTOMILLION is only for action-oriented business owners who will be expected to watch, learn and implement actions on my weekly videos and attend LIVE sessions.

Does this apply to you? If so, you will be motivated by your own results and inspired to keep on moving forward. Just follow my steps!

My vision is to create a better world by empowering entrepreneurs to fulfill their greatest potential. My mission is to touch the lives of a million people and create a movement of thousand enlightened millionaires.

– Nisandeh Neta –

Who is Nisandeh Neta?

Thirty years ago, I started my first company, a software programs and office products company. It was my first big win in the game of business. With 75,000 copies of my software product sold in stores – it was a big hit. I became a self-made millionaire by the age of 23. There was just one problem… I was a poor kid from a poor family, who didn’t have a clue what he was doing marketing-wise, and I lost it all.

Fast-forward to 2006, I attended my first big business training in the US. There I learned from a wise business mentor that getting educated in business, and learning all I could, did not really mean that much, unless you are committed to implementing what you learn. And so I did implement what I’ve learned in a ‘trial-and-error’ process. All the hard work paid off, as my new company became the 2010 Fastest Growing Company in its industry in the Netherlands. I went on to help thousands of business owners grow successful businesses, hosting tens of live seminars every year for over 20 years.

Diehard implementation was the key to my success. With ZEROTOMILLION I will show exactly HOW and WHAT you can do to massively grow your business, even if it all seems too good to be true right now. Just follow my steps!


If you’re thinking about making a jump forward in your business, this is the best place in Europe, maybe in the world, to do it.

– Brian Tracy – International Business Expert

What customers say about Nisandeh Neta…

I have set up a profitable marketing system and my (first) book has been published. I am being invited to give presentations all over the country about my CONSENT-method®, which is about effective decision making on the basis of equality. I give trainings and I train other trainers. Working with systems I learned during the Open Circles trainings means that being an entrepreneur is now easier than ever for me. I can do more work, and I get better results.

Baudy Wiechers – Owner,

I took an enormous leap of faith when I quit my job and decided to become a musician. Thanks to the courses from Open Circles I have transformed my mindset from 100% employee to that of a real entrepreneur. I now even support colleagues in their entrepreneurship! I have implemented a lot from the Open Circles material, with as a result that I get more website visits and repeat orders. My company Poptroubadour is growing very well.

Arnoud Kas – Owner, Poptroubadour

I joined Open Circles because I wasn’t sure where to go with my business, how to get more clients and how to structurally increase my turnover. The courses solved all these problems for me. Not like magic – of course I was the one implementing – but I got exactly the structure I needed, the practical steps and the clarity. Since then everything has only been going better and better!

Elske van de Fliert – Owner,

My vision of entrepreneurship has totally changed since I followed several Open Circles courses. I have implemented a lot and I’ve grown enormously in my business, financially and personally. Thanks to this growth I have been able to realize a long time dream of mine and I have moved my family to Thailand. Recently I have started a new joint venture to help women with breast cancer combat the side effects of chemotherapy.
Andrea Cusinello – Owner,
Thanks to what I learned at Open Circles, I’ve increased my income by 76.6% and my customer list increased by 50% in less than 60 days. I continued to implement what I learned. The result? I managed to more than double my income and increase my client database by more than 140%! I also stepped out of my comfort zone and started hiring people to help run my business and it works like I could never have imagined! And I am networking in a much, much different and more effective way now.
Jean Pierre Doran – owner,  Black and White Barbershop

Frequently asked questions


Expect to get loads of value without any of the risks involved in running a business. “Look over my shoulder” as I create and build all aspects of my new business. You will gain valuable insights along this journey and watch from a distance as I take you through the highs and inevitable lows of this unique ‘learning by modeling’ process. It is finally time that someone opened the doors and showed everyone the behind-the- scenes view of how I work and how I think. While I share the REAL results I get along the way.


Every week I will put together a one-hour video that walks you through all my important business decisions of that week. It’s an exclusive and intimate look into how I operate, what actually have to do day-to-day, and what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see how did I get a team to volunteer to work for me. You’ll see how I got a logo designed for less than €10. And you’ll see how I run a successful business as a digital nomad, enjoying a great life/work balance from anywhere in the world. Also, you will get voting rights! I am creating a democratic community of entrepreneurs who will get voting rights in my business decisions. We’re talking about the small day-to-day stuff, as well as the majorly important critical stuff.


The way I see it, ZEROTOMILLION is geared towards three different types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Day dreamers – those with lots of passion who have yet to get their business of the ground.
  2. Small business owners who are overworked and underpaid.
  3. Starters who want to pursue a path of entrepreneurship and make an impact in the world.

The program will be tailored to professionals who possess a certain expertise or passion that they can package and profit from. Consultants, coaches, authors, speakers and anyone who makes their living helping people with their expertise, are perfect examples of ideal targets for this program. Also independent professionals already in the game, who are looking to get a huge boost to their business and profits. are you ready to take the plunge, and work for yourself… or are a startup looking for online mentoring and support to guide you through the uncertainty of the expert business model?

Then ZEROTOMILLION has been designed for YOU!


I strive to adapt the program to the audience that takes participates in the program.However one thing must be clear: this is not going to be a theoretical course with business notions and ideas. This will be a practical hands-on demonstration of how to create and grow a business. With this in mind, I’m going to need you to be familiar with some basic business concepts like ‘target audience’, ‘value proposition’, ‘unique selling point’ etc.There is no specific level of knowledge requirement, but having basic knowledge of business concepts is a definite element of success. If you worry about knowing too little or too much,don’t. Rest assured that you will find it simple to get up to speed, and experience plenty offascinating challenges ahead.


I will show you how to create, operate and make substantial and increasing income by investing a starting budget of only €100 per month. This is the same budget I will have to begin. With the right marketing, business strategies and implementation, businesses can and do thrive in the digital space with very little capital. Of course, in order to endure stable and continuous growth, the monthly budget will increase – but only when your revenue reaches a certain level that you can afford to re-invest sustainably in your success, thus creating a powerful circle.  


Again the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. Efficient working is all about implementing the right business strategies that create maximum results in the minimum amount of time. By working hard two days per week, you can maximize your work and do everything you need and more to pull in the profits. Zero to Million builds on our Open Circles philosophy of working less and earning more.

A personal note from your future mentor…

“If you really want to make a quantum leap to a higher level of business success, or if you (finally) decided to start the business of your dreams – and you want to learn and grow in the most effective, practical and adventurous way – there is no better program for you than ZEROTOMILLION. But be warned, I only want to work with motivated and determined  entrepreneurs. If you are one of them, you’re welcome to join me in this great journey”

YES Nisandeh, I want to follow your steps!

The spots are limited and the program will start soon.

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