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Nisandeh Neta

Serial entrepreneur

Business Mentor



Founder – Open Circles Academy

Open Circles Academy – a live training company specialized in improving lives of thousands of business owners.

Founder – The Open Circles Foundation

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to transforming the education system worldwide.

Creator – The Zero to Million Challenge

Zero to Million – a new, groundbreaking program for those who want to have a succesful business from the very beginning.


The future belongs to small businesses and I can’t stand watching small entrepreneurs settle for mediocrity because of their struggles. Anyone with knowledge and passion should be able to fulfill their own potential.

– Nisandeh Neta –  

Helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses since 1996

About Nisandeh Neta…

Founder of Open Circles Academy, the creator of the Business Bootcamp and 24 other business and personal development training programs, best-selling author of ‘Elements of Success’; and ‘The Enlightened Millionaire’; and co-founder of the Open Circles Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to transforming the education system in the world.

Nisandeh has closed his business seminar company to take on anew challenge that will help him grow his new business, while helping more people be able to create the businesses of their dreams. His new business is ‘The ZEROTOMILLION Challenge’.

Author of The Enlightened Millionaire

Nisandeh’s Story of Failure That Became a Story of Success and Helping Others






I was born in 1968 to a poor family in Israel. I grew up with one goal… that one day have my own company. This is where I started to my difficult quest that let me to where I am today.

In 1986, when I was 18, I started my first software company. I worked alone, programming on the weekends and even weekday night, while studying engineering at the University during the day. I worked hard chasing my dream. Some days where so tough, I felt like my dream would elude me.

When I sent my first game to the media, one of the articles written about me mentioned that the software could be found at locations of the biggest chain of stores selling computer accessories in Israel at that time. But this wasn’t the case, my game was not available in this chain of stores.

I panicked and called the headquarters of the chain to explain the mistake and beg for forgiveness. My journey was getting more and more difficult. I started to think that maybe I was not meant for the success I desired.

Then, to my surprise, instead of the legal consequences I expected (remember, I was only 18 years old), I was invited to present the software to them the next day. So I did, and on the spot I got an order for the first 1,000 units to be delivered in a week! That order represented an amount of money I have never seen in my life.

I had a new goal now… to become a millionaire before reaching 30 years old. Now that I had seen some success, I was more excited than ever to follow my passion. I now knew business success was attainable for me, so I thought.

In the next 5 years, I got even more affirmation than my quest for success was on the right track, as the company grew fast, with 25 employees and 7 software programs (including the first animation creation software for kids and the first world processor for kids).

My company generated millions and I became a self-made millionaire at the age of 23. I believed I had arrived. The long, bumpy road I had traveled all these years had finally paid off. I thought I had reached the end of my journey, having achieved success.

However, not really knowing what I was doing business-wise and money-wise, I made several mistakes that brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. My visions to attaining the success I had longed for turned out to be premature. I had to let go of all of our employees, which was the hardest day in my life. These people were like family to me. Then came the big day, the worst day in my life…

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