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My Story of Failure That Became a Story of Success and Helping Others

I was born in 1968 to a poor family in Israel. I grew up with one goal… to one day have my own company. This is where I started to my difficult quest that led me to where I am today.

In 1986, when I was 18, I started my first software company. I worked alone, programming on the weekends and every weekday night, while studying engineering at the University during the day. I worked hard chasing my dream. Some day were so tough, I felt like my dream would elude me.

When I sent my first game to the media, one of the articles written about me mentioned that the software could be found at locations of the biggest chain of stores selling computer accessories in Israel at that time. As this wasn’t the case, my game was not available in this chain of stores, I panicked and called the headquarters of the chain to explain the mistake and beg for forgiveness. My journey was getting more and more difficult. I started to think that maybe I was not meant for the success I desired.

Then, To my surprise, instead of the legal consequences I expected (remember, I was only 18 years old), I was invited to present the software to them the next day. So I did, and on the spot I got an order for the first 1,000 units to be delivered in a week! That order was the most money I have ever seen in my life. I had a new goal now… to become a millionaire before reaching 30 years old. Now that I had seen some success, I was more excited than ever to follow my passion. I now knew business success was attainable for me, so I thought.

In the next 5 years, I got even more affirmation that my quest for success was on the right track, as the company grew fast, wit 25 employees and 7 software programs (including the first animation creation software for kids, and the first world processor for kids). My company generated millions and I became a self-made millionaire at the age of 23. I believe I had arrived. The long, bumpy road I had traveled all these years had finally paid off. I thought I had reached the end of my journey, having achieved success.

However, not really knowing what I was doing business-wise and money-wise, I made several mistakes that brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. My visions of attaining the success I had longed for turned out to be premature. I had to let go of all of our employees, which was the hardest day in my life. These people were like family for me. Then came the big day, the worst day in my life…

I lost everything I owned and closed my business

with a devastating debt of €850,000

I didn’t know what to do… My life as I knew it was over… And I was only 25. All the gains I had made, all of the thoughts that I had finally made it to the top… as a big success… washed down the drain with my tears.

I had hit rock-bottom. I felt I had nothing left to live for. So I left Israel with my wife and we backpacked India for months, looking, for meaning, purpose and a new beginning. At the end of this low point in our success-seeking journey, we found ourselves in the Netherlands, determined to start a new life – from scratch. it was my new goal, to just be a normal person again, with normal income and a normal job.

With no profession, not knowing anyone, but speaking the language and carrying a debilitating debt – we struggled… This is why I am sharing my story with you, so you can learn from my costly mistakes, and build your business the right way. You see, I thought this lowest point in my life was the end of the road for me.

As you can imagine, I didn’t know what I would do. After almost a year in the Netherlands, where I was doing practically nothing, struggling to hold off depression, and looking for something meaningful to do… I was living on my wife’s salary as a trainer. I had reached the point where I was ready to give up. My dream was over. Now if I could just earn enough to pay the bills , I would be happy. The feeling was horrible, I would not wish it to anyone in the world. So I relegated myself to living a meager life of just getting by.

Then one day, out of the blue, I met and spoke to a smart man who had been down the path I just traveled. He told me of his story of despair, and how a mentor helped him regroup, and start up the high road. I immediately found strength in what he shared with me. I realized that my life was not over, as I thought it was.

I decided that enough is enough. I’ts time to do something. I chose to share what I learned in my life and during my travels with other people… with the intention of helping them become more successful in life.

In June 1996 I gave my fist training. By that time, I made six friends and I asked them to join my training. I asked them to fill up the car with their friends, and as a result I had 42 people in my first 3-hour workshop. My journey had turned from desperate to hopeful, and I was now ready to give it my all. I made a promise to myself to never let myself return to that terrible place inside me where I once lived.

This was my rebirth, my rise from the ashes. From there… I kept offering evening workshops, then 1-day seminars, then weekend courses… all focused on what I called the Elements of Success, which later became the basis for my first book, “Elements of Success: Turn Your Wishes Into Reality.” BUT

For the next 10 years I struggled. I made very little money.

I didn’t know what to do, I felt stuck. 

Yes, as my life got better and better, I still battled my situation and myself. I knew deep in my head that I was on the way up, even though my life and finances still did not support this belief. yet I kept pushing, I kept positive that I was on the right path. As the days passed, I saw more signs that my life was ascending, that I was no longer losing groups. I was not gaining ground each and every month. My life noticed it, too. I was on the path to leaving my stress and worry behind for good. Which is exactly where I remained as I gained more knowledge and more confidence by the way.

My wife joined me in the business in 2000, and although the two of us (together with one employee) were working around the clock, delivering tons of value to our programs’ participants, somehow getting by… I knew that there must be more than just working hard and having a “job”… being “just over broke.”

I brought the previous paragraph forward as I think it’s a better place for it (chronologically and story-wise).

Fast-forward to 2006, when I attended my first big business training in US. I already knew that just because thousand for participants joined my training programs about success, relationship, communication and entrepreneurship, that did not mean I had a successful business. But I knew deep inside, that I could take what I learned and create a successful business. Now, I was closer than I had ever been to seeing my dreams become reality.

Knowing I needed lots more education, if I were to build a successful, long-lasting business, my wife and I spent over €250,000 more on attending business trainings, employing business coaches and some of the best mentors in the world. We went “all in.” With the journey I had taken to get to this point, I was surely not going to let it all slip away again.

We didn’t have that much money at the time, so we made a commitment to each other – that we will implement everything we can from each training, as soon as we can – to get our investment back (and more…) then go on for the next training.

We followed that pattern for two years, learning, implementing, following a “trial and error” process, until I started to realize what was working and what was not.

All our hard work with learning, and implementing what we learned paid off. Our training company became in 2010 the Fastest Growing Company in our industry in The Netherlands (and probably Europe). Now I am here to help you avoid the costly mistakes I made. While giving you the clarity you need to get started or continue building a successful business for yourself.

My gratitude for the journey I had to take to get where I am today is as strong as ever. As is my deep need to give back, and help others who are struggling find their path to success. I now feel a moral obligation to share my story, and help others gain the knowledge and insights that took me many, many years to attain. So more people just like you can see that there is hope. So they can embrace the journey they have been on for years, to enjoy the same success, satisfaction, and fulfillment I am blessed to live with now. Now it’s time to give back, and help you down the rocky road that is success.

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I flew from America to interview Nisandeh as I was impressed with the stories I heard about the transformation of an entire business community.

– Jay Abraham World-Class Marketing Guru –

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