You Don’t Need Money (Expert Business Blueprint – Part 2/5)

“Creativity can be described

as letting go of certainties”

Gail Sheehy

This is part two in a five part series about the Expert Business Blueprint – to read part one click here

So you want to start a new business, or you want to grow your existing business, and although you have a great idea, which you know is going to improve the lives of many people at the same time it’s going to improve your own bank account…


Everything looks bright and promising, except that you can’t move forward, because you don’t have the money you need to start or grow that business.

Sounds familiar?

Most entrepreneurs I have ever met will face this challenge at one phase or another of their business… “I need money, and I don’t know how to get it”.

OK… Let’s deal with this obstacle once and for all…

First… by saying the “you need money, and you don’t know how to get it” you made two strong statements. When we make a statement, any statement, we quickly begin to believe that it’s the truth. And when we believe that this statement (you just invented) is the truth, there’s very little you can do to change it, so you don’t even try. Now… if that statement supports you… there’s no problem. But when this statement doesn’t support you… and “I need money, and I don’t know how to get it” are both non-supportive, then it sucks… because there is nothing really you can do about it… except maybe complain or find excuses. So… what I would do is… turn any non-supportive statement into a question.

In this case:

  • DO I need money to start (or grow) my business?
  • And if I do… HOW can I get it?

Do you notice the two small question words above (“DO I…” and “HOW…”)? By putting them there… suddenly, a whole world of possibilities becomes wide open. Let’s start with the first question:

Do You Need Money to Start (or Grow) Your Business?

In the video below, taken from episode 2 of my Zero to Million program, you can see how I use creativity to solve challenges in my newly-born business. Challenges that would stop most entrepreneurs in their tracks – because they believe they need money (and a lot of it) to solve these.


But you know something… sometimes you do need money to start or grow your business.

For example, with my first software company, some 25 years ago, I needed to develop a computerized tablet (a before-its-time version of the modern iPad). It involved buying an expensive technology, hiring some expensive specialists and registering a patent. All in all – $250,000 (that’s $425,000 in today’s money). I needed the money, I needed it quick, and I didn’t have it…

So… let’s move on to the second question:

How Can You Get That Money?

Now again, your creativity comes to save you. Simply make a list of all the ways you can think of to generate that money – getting a loan, giving part of your business to an investor, getting a second job, launching a crowdfunding campaign, begging for it, marrying a rich person, robbing a bank… At the brainstorm stage all ideas are valid. Do not censor your creativity! You don’t know what great idea will come from a bad/stupid/joke idea… Hopefully, at the end of this process, you will drop all of the above ideas and come up with the only idea that actually makes sense…

Client Financing

‘Client financing’ basically means pre-selling your ‘yet to be conceived’ product or service (for a great price) to potential clients and with the money you collect, you build the business, create the product or service and deliver it – so everyone is happy, and somehow, again… you didn’t really need money… did you? You just asked your clients to pay you in advance, in return for a really great deal.


Hopefully you see that putting a question mark on any statement that doesn’t support you, will allow your creative juices to flow, and with a little practice – you’ll get more and more ideas, and they’ll get better and better. One of the best ways to improve your creativity and idea-generating skills is to brainstorm as much as you can, as often as you can. It doesn’t need to take long (3-5-minute is my favorite brainstorm session) and it doesn’t have to be focusing only on your own problems. Form a group of a few like-minded entrepreneurs, and on regular basis, brainstorm solutions and ideas for each other’s businesses. Everyone benefits, and you gain some committed and supportive friends. If this makes sense, I’m inviting you to practice, right here, right now… see how it feels.

In the image below you can see the big concept for my new business. Developing the big concept, what is it that your business is all about, is a crucial step in every business startup. Yet… most entrepreneurs never really get to. In the coming one-time-only, one-day seminar “Expert Business Blueprint – Explained” I share my complete blueprint to create a business from scratch (or grow it) and make it into a big business within 12 months. I used it before to grow Open Circles Academy from a tiny struggling company to the fastest growing company in our field in Europe, impacting the lives and businesses of many thousands of entrepreneurs. And I’m using it today to start a totally new company from scratch and building it to a million-dollar business within 12 months.


And I need your help…

You will see that in the image of my business’ big concept I’m mentioning happiness, purpose, nutrition, workout, financial freedom, personal growth, spirituality and more… If you would be my ideal client (ambitious professional) what would you want to know in any of these areas? Please let me know in the comment box below, any question you might have in these areas… This way, you’re helping me to fine tune my big concept, you can flex your brainstorming muscles, and maybe I can help you further in your business, by sharing with you my…

Expert Business Blueprint

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So… it’s time to take action!

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Can’t wait to blow your mind in the Expert Business Blueprint.

To your success,

Nisandeh Neta


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