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I wish I had someone I trust and respect to show me the way from the very start. Sometimes it’s the smallest tips that make the biggest difference.

– Nisandeh Neta –

Frequently asked questions about ZerotoMillion Program

"I Love the idea, where? How? when?". How can You sign up for the program?

In order to make this program a great success, I only want to work with truly driven and motivated business owners (or future entrepreneurs). I would like you to show me your interest by filling the iniital quiz. It is designed to help you reflect on some key aspects to start the program with the right foot and for me to understand who you are and what you need the most. Once completed the quiz, you will be on my list. You will get updates on the program and will have the chance to sign up for it. Rest assured, if you get on my list you will have a head start on 95% of other entrepreneurs who do not take action and let opportunities slip through their fingers. You will be the first to know.

What can you expect from ZerotoMillion?

Expect to get loads of value without any of the risks involved in running a business. “Look over my shoulder” as I create and build all aspects of my new business. You will gain valuableinsights along this journey and watch from a distance as I take you through the highs andinevitable lows of this unique “learning by modeling” process. It is finally time that someoneopened the doors and showed everyone the behind-the-scenes view of how I work and how Ithink. While I share the REAL results I get along the way.

What will you get in ZerotoMillion Challenge?

Every week I will put together a one-hour video that walks you through all my important business decisions of that week. It’s an exclusive and intimate look into how I operate, what actually have to do day-to-day, and what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see how did I got a team to volunteer to work for me. You’ll see how I got a logo designed for less than $10. And you’ll see how I run a successful business as a digital nomad, enjoying a great life/work balance from anywhere in the world. Also, you will get voting rights! I am creating a democratic community of entrepreneurs who will get voting rights in my business decisions. We’re talking about the small day-to-day stuff, as well as the majorly important critical stuff.

Why was ZerotoMillion Challenge created?

I’m transforming my business model into a 100% digital platform, why? Because my big vision is to create a better world by empowering entrepreneurs to fulfill their greatest potential. My mission is to reach at least one million entrepreneurs around the world and create a movement of at least 1,000 Enlightened Millionaires. The ONLY way I can achieve my goals is to go digital. ZEROTOMILLION is all about me reaching my goals, and transforming the lives of as many entrepreneurs around the world as I can by showing you how you can reach your goals.

Not only do I want to involve entrepreneurs, I also want to spur people into taking the plunge and going all-in with a new business of their own. That’s why I want to create this new business from zero and show everyone the decisions I make, step by step. I want to put my money where my mouth is, and demonstrate to everyone that business success is possible, if you know what you’re doing. Too many people are stuck in a place where they dream about their own business,but have not realized their dreams. They do not realize they are running the “rate race” since they are deep in it every day. I want to change that. So they can leave that life behind, and live the life of a successful entrepreneur.

What kind of business model will the program be based on?

The business I will work on is the first decision that I will make, along with the participants of the program (remember you have voting rights!) Nonetheless, I will restrict the options to something I can know I can excel in. As a result, the business model will be the “Expert Business Model” and developed from there.

Am I really going to work on this business alone with no team of employees?

Yes, absolutely. That is one of the key points of The Challenge. My team will only record and edit the program (weekly video production, delivery, etc.). The business venture I will start will be 100% run by me only. I will show you some cool and simple ways to create a working network that supports your business without requiring a team of employees. You will see for yourself, that when you think like a Master Entrepreneur, you start to break through a lot of preconceived constraints and self-limiting beliefs.

Who is ZerotoMillion best suited for?

The way I see it, ZEROTOMILLION is geared towards three different types of entrepreneurs:

1. Day dreamers – those with lots of passion who have yet to get their business off the ground.
2. Small business owners who are overworked and underpaid.
3. Starters who want to pursue a path of entrepreneurship and make an impact in the world.

The program will be tailored to professionals who possess a certain expertise or passion that they can package and profit from. Consultants, coaches, authors, speakers and anyone who makes their living helping people with their expertise, are perfect examples of ideal targets for this program. Also independent professionals already in the game, who are looking to get a huge boost to their business and profits. Are you are ready to take the plunge, and work for yourself… or are a startup looking for online mentoring and support to guide you through the uncertainty of the expert business model?

Then ZEROTOMILLION has been designed for YOU!

"I am not an expert or a marketer. Is the program suitable for me anyway?"

If you are interested in starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business or a online store with physical shipping, then probably this program is not best suited to you. It is certainly more geared towards information products. Nonetheless, many of the principles you’ll learn in the prograam such as creating a big vision, narrowing your target audience and generate leads are applicable to ANY sector and can help you support your business idea, whatever that is.

Is there a required level of experience or knowledge to benefit from the program?

I strive to adapt the program to the audience that takes participates in the program. However one thing must be clear: this is not going to be a theoretical course with businessnotions and ideas. This will be a practical hands-on demonstration of how to create and grow abusiness. With this in mind, I’m going to need you to be familiar with some basic businessconcepts like “target audience”, “value proposition”, “unique selling point,” etc.There is no specific level of knowledge requirement, but having basic knowledge of businessconcepts is a definite element of success. If you worry about knowing too little or too much, don’t. Rest assured that you will find it simple to get up to speed, and experience plenty offascinating challenges ahead.

I don’t have much of a budget. Can anyone make it to one million with only €100 per month

I will show you how to create, operate and make substantial and increasing income by investing a starting budget of only €100 per month. This is the same budget I will have to begin. With the right marketing, business strategies and implementation, businesses can and do thrive in the digital space with very little capital. Of course, in order to ensure stable and continuous growth, the monthly budget will increase – but only when your revenue reaches a certain level that you can afford to re-invest sustainable into your success, thus creating a powerful circle.

What are the biggest obstacles the program will help you overcome?

Most entrepreneurs I know have a head full of ideas and are very passionate about their business or the beginnings of their business. Some become underachievers, as they get lost,learn too much and do too little. They learn the foundations of business strategies, but never get around to actually implementing them.

ZEROTOMILLION offers clarity. I will walk you through the steps I take in clear, easy-to-understand methodology that you can apply to your own business very easily. But you have to be prepared to do the work. Taking my lessons and implementing them in your business is something you need to commit to, if you want to be successful. If your fear is being overwhelmed, I will teach you how to implement quickly and easily by focusing on what truly matters.

Can I really be a digital nomad?

Yes, yes, yes! I am and so can you. I relocated to the beautiful island of Tenerife a couple of years ago and it’s from here that I run my businesses. Sure I travel for work from time to time,but the point is that I know how to run a successful multi million dollar business from any wherein the world – armed with just an Internet connection and my tablet. Whether you want to be a graphic designer working from the beach, or a personal development coach working up a mountain, ZEROTOMILLION guides you through processes that tie in very nicely with the ethos of a digital nomad lifestyle. With me you will learn that your work must be conditional to your desired lifestyle, and not the other way around. If your fear is being stuck in an office forever, I will show you how to re-design your lifestyle and put it in first place.

"I don’t have too much time to invest in my business". Is this really going to take just 2 days a week?

Again the answer is an emphatic “yes”. Efficient working is all about implementing the right business strategies that create maximum results in the minimum amount of time. By working hard two days per week, you can maximize your work and do everything you need and more to pull in the profits. ZEROTOMILLION builds on our Open Circles philosophy of working less and earning more.

How can peer-group learning help?

By having exclusive access to the Facebook Group, you’ll get to join in the conversation – something that Open Circles always encourages. Think of the group as a very special forum for like-minded entrepreneurs to share and innovative together in the same space. You can spark debate, put forward ideas, discuss goals and objectives, talk about what went right and what went wrong – this is place to do it. And I will be watching and participating myself with regular posts and ideas that will really push your business boundaries, in order for you to fulfill your maximum potential.

How will you access the video content and for how long?

You will be sent a link to each exclusive “look over my shoulder” video every week from the start of January 2017. Watch it when and where you wish and refer back to it any time you like. Throughout the year, your content will build up in your digital library and by the end of 2017, you’ll have an abundance of business insights that are yours for life. Whether you are starting out now, ready to take your already-established business to the next level, or are planning to make the leap into working for yourself some time in the future – you have lifetime access to this content.

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