The Magic of Passive Income

It’s Closer Than You Think

For years you have heard me talk about financial freedom and passive income. Today we’d like to discuss the differences between those two and some common misconceptions about passive income, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to start building on your financial freedom and generate some passive income.

Think about this for a minute: you cannot be financially free without passive income, but you can generate passive income and still not be financially free. The two concepts are very closely related and they both serve to accommodate your ideal lifestyle. To say it simply, when you are financially free you can work because you want to, not because you have to. Generating passive income means that you don’t work directly for the money that’s coming in. The terms are often used interchangeably but I want to stress that there should be a definite distinction because generating passive income does not necessarily mean that you are financially free. However, it is the first step. Generating enough passive income could mean that you are financially free.

Financial freedom is the overarching concept that passive income falls under, but to be financially free, you will also need to have a high financial IQ, an ability to budget well and to be conscious of your spending.

Passive income, on the other hand, is simply the ability to generate an income without that income requiring your immediate attention.

Passive Income Myths Busted


    1. Generating passive income means I’ll never have to work again
      Passive income is a process and by no means a secure income. The world changes, people change and their demand changes. Setting up one passive income stream doesn’t guarantee that you will have a steady income for the rest of your life. It will, however, allow you to replace some or all of your current active income, freeing up your time to do other things.


    1. Generating passive income is easy
      Passive income is a process and you have to choose to go into it. Not every idea will work and you might have to spend some time to find the right income stream for you and your business. However, once you’ve reached a tipping point, things will get much easier.


    1. I’ll be able to build passive income by working 4 hours a week right out of the gate
      When you want to build a house, do you build it by putting down a stone a day? No, because by the time you get to the last stone, the first one will have crumbled. We meet a lot of people who have read books written by people who have achieved a very enviable lifestyle, working very little and enjoying their income streams. However, they forget to read that these people worked their a** off for two years, 60-80 hours a week, just to be able to enjoy 4 hours a week now. Only if you are willing to make that sacrifice, is it possible to attain this lifestyle.


  1. If I decide to start building passive income it will happen tomorrow
    This whole series of misconceptions is really about one thing: people seem to think that if they decide they want Passive Income that it will happen magically tomorrow. You have to understand that building this kind of income and lifestyle is a process that will require work and sacrifice. It goes slowly, maybe 5% of your income could be passive in the first year, then 20% and you keep building and increasing your financial IQ and then in a few years you could be financially free. If you’re willing to put in all of that effort and work, you will be richly rewarded.

I can hear you thinking right now: ‘if it’s such hard work and if takes those kinds of sacrifices, why do I want it, and why should it be a part of building my business and income?’

For the simple reason that the rewards far outweigh the costs. You don’t have to be the insane guy who works himself financially free within two years. If you take a little more time you can build sustainably and without a burnout at the end of it. Just imagine what the outcome could be: you free up more and more time to do what you love, or to scale your business. You’re not just building an income. You’re building free time. Truly free, because you get to spend it however you like. With your family and friends, traveling around the world, or maybe simply on the couch with a nice novel every once in a while. However you like to fill in that time, you can, without feeling guilty about it. Without constantly having to think that you’re losing money by not working.

Whatever your reason is to become financially free, or to build passive income, make sure you have it clear in your mind. Set a goal and work towards it. If you want to know more about financial freedom, check out the Financial IQ course on BizKaizen.

Why do you want to become financially free? Let us know in the comments below!

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