If you can think of any other thing more than being
an entrepreneur – ANYTHING – go BE IT.
If you can’t think of anything else, then WELCOME.
You’re one of us, you’re one of our TRIBE
we can’t wait to meet you.

Are You One of Us?

Choosing the road less traveled by, the entrepreneurial path, is neither an easy nor a sensible decision to make. Entrepreneurs deal with a lot more stress than employees, they have a lot more on their plate, and the payoff can be very insecure. Yet there are a lot of people who do choose this path and I have found we are all a little crazy, all very driven and all a little stubborn (or as I’d like to say, fiercely independent).

In over 20 years as a trainer I have talked to a lot of entrepreneurs and I have always found that there are four main reasons that people start businesses. You may have started it for more than one of these reasons, but whatever the reason is, it always fits within at least one of these categories:

  • Wealth
  • Independence
  • Fulfillment
  • Contribution

Eventually we would like to achieve a state in which our business gives us all four. Often we will start with wealth in mind, using said wealth to gain independence to explore what really fulfills us and then we look towards contribution. I have always believed that, instead, we should start from contribution. How can we help the world? How can we contribute to a better society? Once we have figured this out the other elements will come as a consequence of such clarity.

This idea is so simple and yet for many entrepreneurs it is so difficult to put in practice.

My mission has always been to touch the lives of a million people. I want to empower them to fulfill their potential and thus contribute to their happiness.

Contribution is also the place I started from when I first thought of my new platform BizKaizen. Below are its main raisons d’etre

Accessibility of education

When considering what the world needed, and how I could contribute to that need, I realised that the one thing we all have in common is that we never stop learning. There is always more knowledge out there that can help us grow and our businesses thrive. I believe that this education and knowledge should be available to everyone. This is the first pillar of BizKaizen.

Genuine obsession for win-win

The second pillar of BizKaizen is the quadruple win. I have always operated from the conviction that all my collaborations (and offers) needed to be a win-win situation. Ideally there would be a win-win-win situation. This time, however, I challenged myself, in the true Kaizen way, to find a quadruple win, and I did. Here they are:

Win for you

This is the easiest one to explain. I am giving you access to all my material. You get access to dozens of programs featuring Nisandeh Neta as well as Brian Tracy, Richard Schefren, Tom Beal, Vered Neta and others. All-in-all…If you had to buy ALL the programs LIVE, it would cost around €63,000. You can get it for a lifetime during this launch for a laughable investment.

Win for you: check.

Win for your friends

Who is better than you, who know us, like us and trust us to talk about the benefits of this transformational education to your friends? We have built an easy referral system called “Friend Link”, which gives your friend a special deal and rewards you for every person you encourage to join in.

Win for your friends: check.

Win for a less privileged entrepreneur around the world.

For every new member joining the platform, we will give away another account to an underprivileged entrepreneur in a developing country (i.e. Get an account = Give an account) so that those guys can get access to top business education, just like you.

This is your chance to actually MAKE an impact in the world instead of just TALKING about it!

Win for underprivileged entrepreneur: check.

Win for us

For Vered and I, this is a great way to create more wealth in our lives, as well as a sense of fulfillment by leaving an important legacy to lots of entrepreneurs around the world.

Win for us: check.

One tool to rule them all

I am very excited to announce that BizKaizen is now LIVE! Despite some technical challenges, everyone who came to my birthday event received their account and can start watching the first videos! That means we now have over 600 people in the platform already.

Next week Tuesday 11th of April we will open up the platform and the lifetime membership for everyone in the Open Circles Academy mailing list (40k+ ZZPers and small entrepreneurs).

HOWEVER, yesterday everyone on the early bird list received the opportunity to register online and get the current best offer on the lifetime membership.

If you didn’t manage to get on the early bird list before, I have good news for you: you can still catch the same train.

All you have to do now to get the same opportunity is enter your email below.

I hope you now better understand and appreciate the reasons behind the decision to create this new platform. In a world full of short term gains and quick business tactics, I want to think really far and create a system that shares knowledge, wealth and contribution.

A Question for You

I want to conclude with one question, which may also be insightful for our further improvement. As you are well aware, we love your inputs and help.

Can you think of any possible FIFTH WINNER for our platform and its business case?

I challenge you to find some solid ideas and very curious to hear your thoughts. Please share them in the comment box below.

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Until then,

My new platform BizKaizen is not the future.
It’s the present and here is 
your chance
to catch up with it. 

To your success,

Screen-Shot-2016-10-11-at-23.32.41Nisandeh Neta

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