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The Story Of The Guy Who Went From Customer To Joint-Venture Partner In 2 Days

And what you can learn from his story

“I spent all day thinking and thinking and
out of my mental wheel I got plenty of results”
– said no one ever.

Today I want to tell you the the story of Diederik, a young Dutch entrepreneur who went from customer to joint venture partner in 48 hours.

If it wasn’t for a busy life full of activities, it could have taken 2 hours.

I asked him to write the story of this past week from his perspective and here’s what he wrote for me:

“My name is Diederik Bakker. The first time I went to the the Business bootcamp I was an employee. Inspired by the Bootcamp I started my own business, almost exactly a year ago. In one year I managed to create a decent business as a financial and life coach. I am doing pretty well but I am always looking for ways to grow.

When I got the invitation to the BizKaizen product launch, I immediately registered. By mistake I got a ticket for the wrong date and when I found out, the registrations were already closed. I thought – “F**k it” – I jumped on my car, bought a second ticket at the door and got my seat in the room.

Nisandeh offered the lifetime access to the new BizKaizen platform and I took it right away. I thought that there is no other platform that offers more value for entrepreneurs for such a low price.

One of the coolest perks of the lifetime access is the friendlink. You get to offer your friends a special deal to join the platform through your personal link and get a percentage of the revenues.

In the car ride back from the event, I thought about how to act on this opportunity and decided to start a Facebook group so anyone with access to BizKaizen could collaborate and outsiders could join in via my link.

The guys at Open Circles noticed my initiative and the day after I received an email asking if I was interested in becoming the moderator of the official BizKaizen Facebook Group.

Additionally, I’m working on a deal I proposed with some big organizations to help BizKaizen grow exponentially. If it all works out like I’m planning, I could be 100% financially free in a few months.

It took me 2 minutes to set up a Facebook group, and those 2 minutes turned out to be a defining factor for this outcome.

All I did was take the opportunity when it appeared. I implemented one simple action and after a week I am featured on the blog.

If this happened to me, it can happen to any of you.

My feeling is that the closer you get to Open Circles, the more good stuff happens, sometimes in totally unexpected ways. And those guys in Tenerife think fast and act even faster so things just go at the speed of light.

Thanks again to the guys in Tenerife,


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What Can You Learn From His Story?

If Diederik had gotten into his car and started thinking about his shopping list he would have driven home and life would have continued as it always has. Instead, he took a simple action – a signal – and then he followed the flow of events with open-mindedness and sound business acumen.

When confronted with an opportunity, problem or one of the life’s many challenges, thoughtful consideration of possible ways forward is critical.

On the part of my team in Tenerife this meant that instead of sending a ‘cease and desist’ when they noticed someone had started a group, they saw an opportunity in the initiative and acted on it. Instead of seeing this as someone trying to steal the brand or capitalize on their hard work, they saw it as a way to reach more people with our message and to help more entrepreneurs fulfill their greatest potential.

Indeed, mindful, creative thinking oftentimes come first, and successful outcomes later. A mindful thought is a precursor to mindful action, but yet mindful thought alone is never sufficient.

It’s only when you’re willing to take the first step and send out a signal that things start to happen.

“The universe rewards actions, rather than thoughts.
And the rewards come in the form of feedback.
Even the absence of feedback, is in fact, feedback.”

When you start to translate your thoughts into action feedback can begin to show up. The feedback can help you assess your progress and the validity of the solution you have envisioned in your mind.

One important warning: not all feedback from what you consider “your universe” will come to help you. Some will criticize and attempt to stop you for any number of reasons. You will need to develop the ability to know how you listen, to whom you listen, and what you choose to do about it.

Take responsibility for it. Practice the ability to tell the sound apart from the noise, so that you don’t end up tuning out the real feedback that can push you forward.

Have your goals, your strategy and plan clear but always be open to new opportunities that come your way. Start with simple steps – like Diederik did – and be all ears when the universe whispers back.

How Can You Do something Like him?

There are several things you can do after hearing this story:

1. You can start thinking of ways to collaborate with us and create a win-win which is tailored to you. As you saw, good things happen in return to those who take action with us.

2. You can type your name and email in the box below and join the platform soon. More stories and inspiration will emerge from my courses and from the Facebook Group. You really don’t have to continue to be stuck and alone, facing your challenges.

3. Once you have joined the platform you can also join our Facebook group 

4. If you have ideas you can write to us at talktome@opencircles.com.. We will read them. I cannot guarantee you’ll become a partner in two days but for sure we need your ideas and initiatives to make BizKaizen a great success. Now you know that If we like it, it won’t take long before you find out.


A new online Tribe – BizKaizen Masterminds

Here’s how I envision a vibrant and supportive community of entrepreneurs: I want to inspire, expose and foster real connectedness, collaboration and new unexpected initiatives showing up like rabbits from your hats.

Diederik’s story is a perfect example and his primary focus as a moderator of the Facebook Group will be exactly to support your initiatives and give them greater visibility. Diederik is only the first of – possibly – many collaborations of a similar kind.

I am aspiring to make this group YOUR space where you get to share and discuss BizKaizen and the videos you’re currently watching. In order for me to make it the best group for your needs, I need your help. Tell me in the comments below what would make the group the most valuable for you. What are you looking for in a group like this?

Closing thoughts

I hope the story of Diederik shows how much we want you to succeed with us.
Also, we want to succeed thanks to you. All you have to do now is give us the first signal that you want it too.

To your success,

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